Sunday, 26 October 2008

Fifa 2009 Review

Once opon a time PES was the game to own and fifa was always second best but this time Fifa is well and truly the champion.

Presentation & Graphics

The presentation on fifa is incredibly slick and stylish with good looking menus that are easy to navigate and load times that are made insignificant by the brilliant idea of arena mode were the game chooses a player from the team you are playing as and lets you control him, do tricks and try to strike the ball past the goalkeeper.

The graphics may not be as good as the ones you see on Gears of War or Assassins Creed but for a football game they work very well. The collisions are of a very high standard with players really jostling for the ball with especially good improvement to the aerial part of the game. The player likeness is also of a high standard with Messi being able to accelerate between two defenders and Vidic just planting his body in the way, getting that all important tackle. The animations and player models also look good. Passes really looking like passes and shots like shots. This has taken a while to get right but they have finally cracked it.

Sound & Music
The Music in fifa has always included some very good and catchy tracks and this installment is no different including things such as black and gold by Sam Sparrow and Mercy from Duffy. The Commentary is also of a good standard with Martin Tyler and Andy Gray doing the commentary its of a good standard with some interesting one liners but it is a bit off in some parts.

Gameplay & Modes
Fifa has finally nailed it with the Gameplay. It rewards teamwork, using your best individual players to there advantages, hard work and dedication. It really feels like your playing real football everything works. From passes to shots everything works smoothly with the slight exception of crosses but you will after a while get used to that. Another extra positive point for the game is that you can change the controls or camera angle to whatever you want. There are 3 main offline modes there is be a pro seasons which is brilliant were you take your player up through the ranks to eventual International glory. The only sight downside is the limit of 4 seasons. Tournament mode is fun but nothing that will keep you busy for too long. Manager mode is as usual also good fun but really does need a lift.

Now to the online which has massive amounts of options. There is ranked quick matches as usual but there is also play a friend option the ability to create or join a league.You could easily create a league say for just people in your school. There is BAP 10 vs 10, Interactive leagues were you can play as your club against the team you are playing in real life Fifa clubs the list is nearly endless and all the modes are top Quality. This will provide the real legs of the Game. Another great addition is the live season mode which updates players stats according to how they play in real life.

Longevity & The problems
The game will definately keep you going for a very long amount of time especially with all the online modes and you will want to keep playing because of the Great Gameplay. Unfortunately there are a few problems including the need for Manager Mode to be updated, the fact that be a pro seasons is only 4 seasons, crosses being a bit fiddly,There being no option to save goals on to your 360 and finally there being a small bit of lag in some online games but apart from these few problems it is really a great game.

This is the football game to buy this year and well worth the price tag.


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Fifa 09

Fifa 09
This is my second post and for all those fifa fans out there i am going to give a lowdown of all the reviews out so far.

3D Jugeos :9.1/10 3D Jugeos

VideoGamer :9/10 VideoGamer

Games Master Uk :90/100 Games Master Uk (near bottom of page)

IGN Uk :8.9/10 IGN Uk

Bravo :8.5/10 Bravo

Xbox World 360 :81/100 Xbox 360 World (middle of page)
Average 87.6%

Finally i would like to give you a heads up to a good offer from blockbusters

They have fifa 09 at £39.99 including a Leather ball (£9.99) and £15 vouchers of games.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Hello and welcome to my 360 blog.

Hello Today I decided to start this xbox 360 blog. To share with you any knowledge and news i have on the 360. I will start of by telling you some of the games i am looking forward to in the near future.
  • Fifa 09: This will be the next game i will purchase and it looks amazing with over 250 new features. Including a much improved physics engine, the Adidas live season tracker , be a pro mode now finally with a full season option and 10 vs 10 Online mode. Overall this game looks great and I am looking forward to its imminent release on October 3rd(Europe) and October 14th (North America).
  • Saints Row 2: Every one knows Saints Row was a relative success and this one looks like it could be even better. With hilarious characters,Lots of customizable options and online play all in an sandbox environment. Release date is 17th October in Europe and the 14th of October in North America.
  • Fable 2: Is this a candidate for game of the year? It could well be with all the improveuments Peter Molynex and Lionhead Studios have added.
Here I have a Link to a brilliant video by Gamespot be sure to watch it. It gives you lots of information on the Game.
Gamespot E3 Demo for Fable 2

The release date for this game is 24th October in Europe and 21st of October in North America.

Thats all from my first blog page but be sure to check back soon!